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Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Subaru Impreza There were six noted versions of the STi. The different versions were marketed with consecutive numbers. Another way to tell the version of a WRX STi was to look at the chassis code. Sedan STi Model Codes were GC8, Coupes were GM8 and Station Wagons were GF8, followed by a letter from A to G. There was a GC chassis version of the RS released in 2001 as well in the United States.

Subaru's Horizontally-opposed engine gives the Impreza WRX a low center of gravity and good front-rear and lateral weight distribution.
The Impreza WRX's 4WD system consists of a perfect linear alignment for its light weight and compact BOXER engine, transmission, propeller shafts and rear differential. This ideal layout creates outstanding left-right and front-rear weight balance so it is the perfect 4WD system.
So as a result, the performance has improved every year.

One common misconception is that every Impreza between 92-01 were "GC8's". The code breakdown is as follows; G - stands for Impreza, C - sedan, M - coupe, F - station wagon, The 8 stands for the 2.0 L turbo motor. So really, there are many combinations. A coupe STi would be GM8, sedan GC8, wagon GF8. Also, the code for the coupe American 2.5RS's were GM6 (6 standing for the 2.5 L N/A motor)

A JDM Sti Coupe has the code GC8. For example a version 4 Sti coupe has the code GC82DD. With the 2 representing 2-doors.

1992.11 : The first Impreza WRX & WRX type-RA were introduced. [ Type A ]
The Impreza WRX is powered by a FJ20 horizontally opposed 2.0-liter DOHC intercooler turbocharged 'BOXER' engine that makes 240 horsepower and 31.0kg-m of torque. The full-time 4WD system has a center and rear viscous-type LSD. The WRX Type-RA competition base model is designed for entry in motor sport. It comes with an intercooler water splay and close ratio transmission gearbox.
WRX/WRX type RA : 240 horsepower / 31.0kg-m of torque.

1993. 9 : There are some changes [ Type B]
The Impreza WRX with 4AT and Impreza WRX wagon were added to the Impreza WRX line-up. The Impreza WRX with 4AT and WRX wagon adopted engine with TD04L turbine which valued low-rev-range. And WRX comes with electric fold-in door mirrors (except type RA/SA).
WRX/WRX type RA : 240 horsepower / 31.0kg-m of torque.
WRX (AT)/WRX wagon : 220 horsepower / 28.5kg-m of torque.

1994.01 : The Impreza WRX STi and Impreza WRX STi wagon were introduced. The
Impreza WRX STi/STi wagon are powered by a EJ20G turbocharged engine that makes 250 horsepower. The exclusive hand-made EJ20G engine has adopted high-strength forged pistons, light weight HLA, a improved intercooler, a intercooler water spray, Fujitubo exhaust muffler, and a exclusive tuned ECU.
And Impreza WRX STi & WRX STi wagon feature including a exclusive steering wheel, a exclusive shift knob, Cherry Red trimmed exclusive bucket seats, a carbon-fiber strut tower bar and a large size rear spoiler (sedan).
WRX STi & WRX STi wagon : 250 horsepower / 31.5kg-m of torque

1994.10 : Impreza WRX [ Type C1 ]
There was some minor changes. The Impreza WRX type RA got the 260 horsepower. The Impreza WRX has adopted the open deck cylinder block. And WRX comes with 205/50R16 tires, colored door knobs, and an auto antenna.
WRX/WRX type RA : 260 housepower / 31.5kg-m of torque.
1994.11 : Impreza WRX Type-RA STi.
Impreza WRX Type-RA STi was introduced (50 units/per month). A drivers control center differential (DCCD) is employed to control the torque split between the front and rear wheels. Standard equipment include the handmade engine produced by STi, exclusive ECU, quick-shift, power steering oil cooler, rear 2-way mechanical LSD, carbon strut tower bar, large size rear spoiler and roof ventilator.
Horsepower is increased to 275PS/6500rpm and torque to 32.5Kg-m/4000rpm (WRX STi Type-RA)

1995.08 : Impreza WRX STi II (type C2) was introduced. It is available with white, red, and silver color.
Also, Impreza WRX STi II 555 was introduced with exclusive 555 blue color.
WRX STi II : 275PS/6500rpm, torque : 32.5kg-m/4000rpm
WRX STi II Wagon: 260PS/6500rpm, torque : 31.5kg-m/5000rpm

1996.02 : Limited Edition "V-limited was introduced.
The Impreza WRX Type-RA STi II V-limited package features sports-blue body color, original bucket seats, a WRC championship emblem, manual air-conditioning, a limited edition serial plate,and gold STi alloy wheels.
The Imperza WRX V-limited package futures ABS, green glass, original bucket seats, a WRC championship emblem, gold alloy wheels the same as the STi, and limited edition number plate.

1996. 08 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi 3 [ Type D ]
The BOXER-MASTER4 FJ20 engine is further improved. The engine uses molybdenum coated low-friction pistons, multi-point injection system, IHI RHF5HB turbine and a large size intercooler. In the asethetics department, a mild facelift for the WRX includes new front and rear bumpers, new headlight and taillight design and a new grille. An SRS airbag adds to passenger safety. As for the WRX STi type-RA, braking performance is improved by using 16 inch, 4-pot callipers at the front and 15 inch, 2-pot callipers at the rear.
Horsepower 280PS/6500rpm torque 33.5kg-m/4000rpm (WRX, WRX Type-RA)
Horsepower 280PS/6500rpm torque 35.0kg-m/4000rpm(WRX STi version)
Horsepower 240PS/6000rpm torque 31.0kg-m/3000rpm (wagon)
1997.01 : Impreza WRX STi 3 V-limited.
The WRX WRX STi 3 V-limited package includes original bucket seats, a WRC championship emblem, carbon-fibre instrument panel and a limited edition number-build plate.
The WRX 2-door type-R STi is also introduced. The 2-door Type-R has STi tuned engine, DCCD, automatic climate control, power windows and electric door mirrors.

1997.08 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi 4 [ Type E ]
The latest Impreza WRX update has only minor changes. The Impreza WRX series features Subaru's SURETRAC rear LSD. (except Type-RA STi and Type-R STi).
Horsepower 250PS/6000rpm torque 31.2kg-m/4000rpm (wagon)
Horsepower 280PS/6500rpm torque 36.0kg-m/4000rpm (WRX STi version).
1998.01 : The Impreza WRX STi 4 V-limited & type R V-limited .
The Impreza WRX Type-RA STi 4 V-limited package includes auto air conditioning, power window, powered door locks, electric door mirrors, a faster steering rack and front helical LSD. The Impreza WRX Type-R V-limited package includes STi engine that is the same as the Type-R STi, ABS, fog lamps, auto air conditioning, power windows, central locking, electric door mirrors, but no intercooler water splay.
The Impreza WRX Type-R STi V-limited package is the same as standard type-R STi except for the emblems and body colour.

1998.03 : The Subaru Impreza WRX 22B STi version is a handmade 2 door coupe based on the Subaru Impreza contested the World Rally Championship. Four hundred of these were built for the Japanese domestic market and were sold out within 48 hours. The Impreza WRX 22B STi Version features EJ22 2.2litre turbocharged engine, 4WD system, intercooler water splay, ventilated disc brakes, Bilstein inverted suspension, 17 x 8.5 inch BBS wheels fitted with Pirelli 235/40 P-Zero tyres and a twin plate ceramic/metal clutch. With a widened body, it is 80mm wider than an Impreza WRX at both the front and rear.

1998.0 9 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi 5 [Type-F]
The Impreza WRX gets an improved PHASE-2 engine with brand new intake manifold and camshafts to realize improved low-end and mid-range response. It also adopts inverted strut suspension, Sports ABS(STi), and WRC car type rear spoiler(STi sedan). Horsepower 280PS/6500rpm torque 34.5Kg-m/4000rpm (WRX, WRX Type-RA)
Horsepower 240PS/6000rpm torque 31.5Kg-m/4000rpm (wagon)
1998.11 : The limited edition version was introduced.

1999.09 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi-6 [ Type G ]
There were some minor changes only. It is equipped with a clutch start system.
Horsepower 280PS/6500rpm torque 34.5Kg-m/4000rpm (WRX & WRX Type-RA)
Horsepower 240PS/6000rpm torque 31.5Kg-m/4000rpm (wagon)
1999.11 : The limited edition version was introduced.

2000.04 : The Impreza S201 STi version was released. The S201 STi features an exclusive ECU tune, large size intake duct, exclusive exhaust muffler, exclusive aero parts, RAYS alloy wheels, front helical LSD, and an adjustable suspension.

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